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Why choose us?

For the wide range of offers for both the finished product and spare parts with first-class purchasing support.
We are characterised by courtesy, kindness and professionalism.

Your satisfaction
is close to our heart

Comprehensive wholesale and retail services and products for all household appliances.

Speed, courtesy and competence are our hallmarks.

Our customer satisfaction always gives us the impetus to shape and expand our offerings.

We choose from the best brands of household appliances, always innovative with low energy consumption in full respect of the environment.

Repairs with original or compatible spare parts

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In AeL Group you will find: the ideal partner for any need. We give a new life to household appliances to safeguard the environment, to avoid waste and excessive disposal.

Choose a company that will advise you on the correct operation and durability of household appliances.

Sale of household appliances of the best brands

We ship home appliances and spare parts packed by our experienced and qualified staff in a very short time.

We are present throughout the country, you can also count on us to install any household appliance you purchase.

Courtesy and professionalism will guide you in the purchase of your household appliances to make the most of your space, regaining functionality and savings.

Original and compatible spare parts of the best brands

Consolidated experience resulting from 20 years of practice.

The continuous updating of articles and the wide range stocked in our warehouse allow us to satisfy our customers in terms of timing with spare parts of the best brands available for prompt delivery.
The professionalism and competence of our staff guarantee efficiency and prompt service.

What they say about us...

What they say...

Warehouse of 2000 square metres, for an big range of accessories and household appliances, resulting in fast delivery and prompt service.